Update: February 2012

Hi all! I have had a busy few months, and wanted to offer a quick update. I worked on a few fantastic projects last year, with Weathervane Music, Girls Rock Philly, Young Involved Philadelphia, Bedsider.org, and more. Since September, I have been working as the Communications Director at an incredible organization, Service Women’s Action Network. Additionally, I attended an incredible theatre/internet/music performance, Extremely Public Displays of Privacy, at the urging of my dear friend/talented writer Jenn Peck. I became fascinated with the creators, and have partnered with New Paradise Laboratories as a Connectivity Coordinator, making sure that more people are aware of their idea of intruding theatre and performance at a high level on the Internet and in realspace.

My band Trophy Wife just wrapped up its second full length record, “Sing What Scares You,” to be released this spring on 307Knox Records. My record label Exotic Fever has a few new releases – a Shondes CD and LP called SEARCHLIGHTS, a ten inch from the Baltimore band War on Women entitled IMPROVISED WEAPONS, my own ep under the name Animals of Ambivalence, and a forthcoming benefit compilation for DASH. I continue to support DASH, also known as the District Alliance for Safe Housing in their domestic and sexual violence survivor housing support work. Recently I reconnected with my former drum instructor, the legendary Susie Ibarra, and will be working more with her on projects. I am also a regular blogger at Sadie Magazine these days.

Find me on Twitter @exfkaty, and follow KO Consulting’s Facebook page.

I want to hear your ideas for communication and development strategies for arts and social justice, so please connect – katyotto@gmail.com.


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