Support for your social justice and community work.

KO Consulting: Resource Development for Social Change was created to cultivate enthusiasm, energy, and resources for organizations in pursuit of a better world. With over ten years experience in nonprofit management as well as grassroots social justice work, KO Consulting Founder Katy Otto combined these two realms of knowledge to create a consultancy that looks at resource development from a holistic perspective, analyzing the strengths your organization, project, or group already has and building upon them. With a background in both journalism and nonprofit management, our consultancy helps to capture the human interest story behind the work our clients do as well as the societal impact and community value.

Services we offer include:

-Development plan construction and overview – working with staff and Executive Director
-Budget development and review – working with staff and Executive Director
-Grassroots fundraising plan – staff/Executive Director/Board of Directors
-Review of existing grant proposal
-Construction of new boilerplate proposal
-Copy for appeal letter
-Training in fundraising for volunteers, staff and Board of Directors
-Work on ongoing development tasks

Additionally, we provide support from start to finish for event planning, conference execution, social and traditional media campaigns, and a range of media campaigns.

We begin partnerships with an initial consultation free of charge to determine if our services are the best fit for you. Now located in Philadelphia, PA, we have remote clients in Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and nationally.

To get in touch for more information, please contact Ms. Otto:


Katy Otto is a member in good standing of the Freelancers Union.


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