Update on Services Available through KO Consulting

Spring was a busy and heartening time in my work. One of my primary projects was planning and execution of press for Service Women’s Action Network‘s Truth and Justice Summit for survivors of military sexual violence as well as journalists, policymakers, advocates and service providers. This event took place in Washington, DC, and marked the first national gathering of a massive number of survivors. Working with SWAN has strengthened my skills and experience around media related to trauma. For this event, media efforts were in partnership with Luna Media Group. Working with them was a pleasure – they are based in DC, and I highly recommend learning more about their approach. Planning and executive of press conferences and media management around issues of violence are now services I am introducing into the roster of what is available through my consultancy.

I continue to enjoy the challenge of my work with SWAN as Communications Director. I also work part-time with experimental theatre group New Paradise Laboratories, and this summer will see us developing a piece entitled 27 for Philadelphia’s LiveArts Festival in the fall. Stay tuned!

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