“Katy has come in to Life Pieces To Masterpieces and taken our government fundraising to new heights. In less than a year, Katy has tripled our government development efforts and is directly responsible for more than doubling support from the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities. All of this she accomplishes as she harmoniously blends with LPTM’s staff, youth, and Board. We highly recommend her and value this partnership. We absolutely LOVE Katy!”

-Mary Brown, Co-founder/Executive Director of Life Pieces To Masterpieces

” Katy Otto’s combined talent, intelligence and passion for the development of social change and creative arts make her a bright gem
and invaluable contributor to humanity. ”  

– Susie Ibarra

“Katy Otto is an indispensable component of our marketing and publicity strategy.  She’s been able to accomplish what teams of people have failed.  There’s no question Katy is the right person for your consulting needs.”

-Jamie Moffett

“I have said the words “you’re hired” to Katy Otto on two separate occasions – to retain her as a staffer, and also to contract her services as a consultant. She is responsive and thorough, a gifted writer and a creative asset to any team. Additionally, the cause-driven passion that underscores her work not only adds value to a project, but also inspires other members of the team.”

-Barbara Saylor


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